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7 Ladyboys in Thailand on Walking Street Pattaya

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I filmed these Thai Ladyboys at a beer bar on Walking Street. It was the open beer bars near the entrance to Ibar and Insomnia Nightclub in Pattaya Thailand. I believe this bar is called Cowboy Bar or Country Bar.

The Thai people use the term Kathoey (Ka-Toy) to describe a ladyboy. The word Kathoey can also be used to describe an effeminate gay male in Thailand.

Ladyboys have become a popular sight for tourists travelling to Thailand in recent years. Ladyboys even have TV shows dedicated to them.

Thailand has 2 types of ladyboys. Pre-Op and Post-Op. Pre-Op is a ladyboy who still has a penis. A post-op ladyboy has undergone gential reassignment surgery (GRS) in which the penis is removed and vagina is "created". Most of the ladyboys have no desire to undergo the full GRS.

Ladyboys have a reputation for being aggressive due to the medications they are on that alter there hormone levels. I have not any trouble with ladybioys. Sometimes when you are walking late at night or down a street with a Pattaya Ladyboy bar, a ladyboy might block your path and try and grab you on the cock, or maybe even steal your wallet. Always be polite, smile, keep one hand on your wallet, say no thanks and keep walking. This is my approach and i have never had any trouble with a ladyboy.

If you were to tell a Kathoey to fuck off and start calling them a faggot or abusing them, this will trigger them to see red and go off there brains. Ladyboys always have other ladyboy friends near by ready to defend there mates if they need to. Even though they might look like a girl, remember it is still a man and they can get very angry and quickly.


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