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Ancient Pyramids Found In Tenerife?

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As with the many other controversial, ancient sites which can be found all over the world, difficult places to explain the construction of,,, the pyramid of Guimar on the island of Tenerife, was initially scoffed at by archaeologists and academic authorities alike…
When a local newspaper published an article, claiming to have discovered an actual ancient step-pyramid upon the island, it was quickly dismissed as ludicrous, and said to have been based upon no physical evidential logic whatsoever... With funded institutes arguing that the claims had been made mistakenly upon agricultural stone terraces, commonly found throughout the Canaries.
However, thanks to Norwegian ethnographer, Thor Heyerdahl, who upon investigating the site himself, now know for a certainty that not only one pyramid does indeed exist on the island, but there is in fact six of them...
Thor, who had extensively researched the pyramids of Túcume, a site we recently covered within Peru, was initially intrigued by photographs of the site, and upon visiting the valley, concluded that these structures were neither terraces nor random piles of stones cleared by the Spaniards, as some have tried to explain them away as.
He attested that they were in fact, painstakingly built step-pyramids, constructed according to similar principles to those found within the ancient pyramids of Mexico, Peru and ancient Mesopotamia.
In 1991, research by Juan Antonio Belmonte Avilés, Antonio Aparicio Juan, and César Esteban López, researchers of the Canary Institute of Astrophysics, shown that the long sides of some of the terrace structures at Güímar, align with the direction of both solstices.
The main limiting wall points to the sunset in the Summer solstice, and the pyramids have stairs on their western side which face the direction of the rising sun on the Winter solstice.
Additionally, standing on the platform of the largest pyramid on the day of the Summer solstice, it is possible to experience a double sunset, as first the sun sets behind a mountain top, emerging again from behind the same mountain and setting a second time behind a neighbouring peak.
In 2005, a book was published in Spanish by Aparicio and Esteban titled “The Pyramids of Güímar: Myth and Reality.” Aparicio and Esteban suggested that the solstitial orientations of the pyramids, were potentially motivated by Masonic symbolism. These authors argue that solstices are very important in the symbolism of Freemasonry, and that the owner of the land in the claimed epoch, in which the pyramids were built, was himself a Freemason, although this is likely nothing more than an alluring conspiracy…
Although the structures have been dated to within the last few centuries, the question remains unanswered, just who built them?
Or indeed why they built them, remains a complete mystery.
Furthermore, if they are indeed recent constructions, why do they share similarities with extremely ancient pyramidal structures found elsewhere on our planet?
Undoubtedly an incredible site, one which receives very little attention, yet is clearly of historical importance, such ignorance towards said sites, is always, highly compelling.


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