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Speed Boat travel in the Maldives.

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Wednesday(13/3/2019) Omadhoo :- Travelling between islands in the Maldives is the best and cheapest form of transport in comparison to planes.Our Speedboat is just arriving from Male' into Omadhoo Island ferry Jetty for the 74 Kms journey back from Omadhoo to Male' city. I am to board this speedboat after having a wonderful sea safari of snorkeling for 3 days along the coastal waters of Omadhoo island.The ticket fare is $ U.S 25 /Passenger with the speedboat travelling at approx 30 Knots .Notice the beautiful turquoise waters as the speedboat enters the protected harbour jetty.:- Seafarer/Blogger/Traveller Rudolph.A.Furtado

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